At Pinecrest Academy North, we pride ourselves in striving for academic excellence, guiding each student through a college and career-ready path. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to promote higher order thinking and allow our students to be problem solvers.  Through a combination of STEAM courses, Project Lead the Way classes, stimulating electives, and extracurricular activites, our middle school students enter high school with a strong foundation, enabling them to continue on an advanced path.

Below you will find the courses offered to our middle schoolers.  



6th Grade                                                                  7th Grade                                                        8th Grade


Mathematics 1 (1 credit)


Pre Algebra (1 credit) Algebra 1 (1 credit)

Lanuguage Arts 1 (1 credit)


Language Arts 2 (1 credit) Language Arts 3 (1 credit)

Comprehensive Science 1 (1 credit)


Comprehensive 2 (1 credit) Comprehensive 3 (1 credit)

US History (1 credit)


Civics (1 credit)

US History (1 credit)

Business Keyboarding with Microsoft (0.5 credit)


Exploring 3D Dimensional Art (1 credit) Digital Art and Design (0.5 credit)

PLTW Design and Modeling (0.5 credit)


PLTW Automation and Robotics (0.5 credit) PLTW Computer Science (0.5 credit)

Fitness (0.5 credit)


Team Sports (0.5 credit) Individual/Dual Sports (0.5 credit)

Exploring Music 1 (0.5 credit) 


    Speech and Debate (0.5 credit)